The Importance of Holy Friendships (and how to find them!)

The past few days have been rough: thoughts of unworthiness and insecurity have been dragged up from a particularly hard hitting rejection.

But what has been clear to me during this time of pain is the depth and holiness of the friendships I’ve built the past four years. These holy women, my dear friends, have truly gone above and beyond to support me and speak the words of the Holy Spirit into my heart, even when I was reluctant to hear them. 

This made me reflect on the importance of holy friendships and how essential they are to becoming a saint and keeping our eyes on heaven in a world that so easily can drag us down.  

To reach heaven, we must surround ourselves with people also reaching for the heights. People who will love us at our worst, and remind us of who we’re are, sometimes though their words and other times just by sitting with us in the storm.

When I went through a serious depression at the beginning of this year, my dear friend Alek dropped what she was doing more than once to pray with me, talk with me, and simply sit patiently next to me when all I needed was someone by my side. She loved me when I was at my weakest, and with her loving words and presence, gently reminded me of who I am in the Lord’s eyes.

This past week, even when I was sunken down under the weight of my irrational thoughts and insecurities with nothing to give, she and many of my other friends took the time out of their days to text me, call me, and speak truth to my heart.  (Also Alek and I have been doing 33 Days To Merciful Love over the phone every day, and if that doesn’t show what an amazing and holy friend she is, then I don’t know what will!!)

These women pray with me, sit with me, listen to me, and remind me of my worth even when I’ve lost sight of it. Watching them strive and struggle to live out God’s will is humbling and inspiring.

We are so affected and influenced by those in our inner circle, and to become a saint, I believe we must surround ourselves with others who are also striving. Who are also running to the foot of the cross every day. The road to heaven is narrow, but having strong friends to support us on the way can lift the load just a little bit.

So we run together and pick each other back up when we fall, bandage each other’s bloody knees, and continue the run toward heaven, our place of eternal fulfillment.

I pray that you all find friends that can love you and support you, who truly have your best Interest in mind.

Here are some tips for finding holy friends:

* If you go to a secular college, check out the events at your Newman Center on campus.

* If you are in high school, don’t be afraid to check out your local youth group.

• Check out Blessed is She.

* Never hesitate to email me or message me on Instagram if you need someone to talk to or need advice!!