Art Therapy to Fight Depression

When I’m going through a depression, I often sink into a hole of doubt, drowning in a sea of insecurities and self-destructive thoughts, ripping and tearing myself down until it feels like my heart is raw and my brain is black and blue and I’ve convinced my self I can’t possibly accomplish anything. But this time, I decided instead of destroying, I was going to create. So I rummaged through board games and dusty books to find my little container of paints stowed safely on a shelf in the back of my closet, neglected since last summer. I laid some newspaper across my green silky sheets and bent over my sketch book until my nails and the tips of my fingers were blue. As I gazed down at what I had created, the destructive thoughts began to dissipate and a sense of accomplishment trickled through my veins. It may just be a painting, but to me, it’s proof that in my darkness there is still Goodness within me that can create light. There is still something in my often clouded and dark soul that can create beauty that reflects something bigger, Someone bigger, than myself. And so when the self-destructive thoughts begin to creep in again, I look at what I’ve created and say, “No, I am good. And I was created by the Creator to create beautiful things.”